Improving Your SEO Ranking In Order To Be Discovered

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is majorly important when trying to be discovered. After all, don’t we all want our poems to appear first when people google our work? Thanks to Professor Pepe, I have better learned how to make my blog more noticeable to the world and would love to share with you all on how you too can make your work more noticeable.

A really simple and easy place to start is with Google Keyword Planner. This free and easy to use tool tells you how relevant a keyword is by looking at average monthly searches, competition, and suggested bid. High competition means that your work is less likely to be seen if using this keyword because there are a lot of other websites using that same keyword. The suggested bid gives you an idea of what an advertiser would be willing to pay per click using that specific keyword. To show you what I mean, I did a search for the keyword “poetry” since this blog post is meant to be about writing poetry and the following keywords popped up in Google Keyword Planner…

Google Keyword Planner, Poetry

As you can see, Poem and Poems are great words for me to use as keywords. Since my blog is meant to inspire people, I also checked out the keyword “inspiration” and found the following results…

Inspiration, GoogleKeyword planner

Keywords with the most traffic have a high average monthly search score and a low competition score. Based off of this, when I searched for “poetry,” the best keyword to use would be “poem” and “poems” because they have a very high average monthly search score and low competition, meaning my page is more likely to be seen when using they keywords.

So where do you place these keywords in order to improve your chances of being seen? They should be placed in the URL, Title Tag, Header Tag, Content, alt text, anchor text.

URL: The URL is extremely important when it comes to using keywords. Currently my URL uses the word “poem” but could uses some additional keywords to help it be found. For example in this post, I have added the keywords “poem” and “poems” to help its ranking. You can see this if you look at the URL.

Title Tag: As you can see, in my Title Tag I have included the words “poems” and “inspiration” because they are two of the best keywords for me to use.

Title Tag, Poems, Inspiration


Header Tag: This is another important spot to place your keywords. My targeted keyword “poem” should be in the header 1 tag.

Content: Your optimal keywords should be mentioned multiple times throughout your website. On average, they should make up 3-5% of your word count.

Alt Text: In order for search engines to pick them up, images need to be properly described and labeled using alt text. Keywords should be incorporated into the description when appropriate. For example look at the alt text used for the image of the google keyword planner search result for poetry.

alt text

Anchor Text: This allows you to link a keyword to another page of your own website or another website. This is great for improving relevance and navigability for visitors.

My Blog post improves SEO rankings by having a higher click through rate, a low bounce rate (number of users who enter a site but immediately exit), a short load time, good grammar and spelling, limited ad space (they are not in the way of my sites content), and finally content (it is original and new).

If you are interested in learning more about SEO Ranking check out this article.

Inspire the world,



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