Experimenting With Darker Poetry

dark poetry

So lately I’ve been experimenting with darker poetry. I think it is important to reach out of our comfort zones and try new things. Really push our creative limits and see what kind of writer we can really be. Above is a poem I wrote digging into the darker parts of me. I tried to stray away from the deeper softer parts of me and more towards the anger hidden below deep. I like the way this poem came out and I hope you do to. I didn’t just stop with one poem though, I really wanted to see where else I could go with this style of writing. I will admit this first one was my favorite but below is another one I rather enjoyed as well.

dark poetry

The idea of the monster not living beneath your bed but rather in it is what inspired this poem. That deep down maybe I am not so innocent. Maybe the monster exists within and the innocence is a cover. I encourage you to to look deep within and not just your good parts or even your broken ones. I encourage you to see your darkest parts and harness that in your writing. Take the view as the villain because we are all so willing to be the heroes in our stories, but maybe we are someones villain. Being able to think outside the norms of society is what will set your poetry apart. Finding your voice will make you unique. This is a rather short post but i believe it to be an important one. Always try to reach into yourselves and write about all your parts, not just the parts you are proud of.


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How Effective is Barnes & Noble At Email Marketing?

We have talked a lot about not only how to better our writing but also on how to be discovered. Here’s a look into how businesses like Barnes & Noble grab peoples attention through email marketing. I signed up for their email list to see book suggestions and receive 2 emails a day. I look at 50% of the emails i get, usually the first one for the day. Here’s an example of an email I got the other day.

The subject line of this email was “Our Expert Book Sellers Recommend..” and this enticed me to open the email because i love getting new book suggestions. The content did indeed match the subject line thankfully. The call to action is to click on the different book genres in order to see and possibly buy a new book that interests you. It was very effective because I clicked on the “Bestsellers” link to see whats doing good this week. The quantity of the content is just right. Offering 3 book suggestions for 5 big genres is enough to fulfill your needs but not so much that it overwhelms you. I’m sure this whole email went to the entire database because it is a general statement of top recommended picks for the week, although the genres could have been segmented to people who may buy specific genres often. I believe this email accomplished its objective of showing the customers the top books for the week in different genres and getting the books out there to increase sales. I expect to see another email just like this with top picks next week but the next email should be sales on some of the books offered.

Here is the second email I received from them…

The subject line of this email is “Your Surprise Offer is Waiting..” and this enticed me to open the email because I enjoy coupons and deals of various books. The content did match the subject line by offering different deals on various magazines chosen specifically for me. The call to action is to take the offer of 15% off and it is effective because I did indeed click on the “Activate 15% off” link at the top and purchased a book. The quantity is appropriate but there could have been more. Would’ve been nice to see book offers to avoid confusion about whether or not the coupon was just for magazines or not. This email most likely went to the whole database but the “Items selected for you” was definitely segmented. This email indeed accomplished its objective because I ended up purchasing a book. The next email should be more offerings or more top picks for the week.

This shows a good example of how businesses get people to look at your books so it is important when trying to be discovered that you recognize who excels in getting your book out there and who doesn’t.

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Improving Your SEO Ranking In Order To Be Discovered

Image result for SEO poem

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is majorly important when trying to be discovered. After all, don’t we all want our poems to appear first when people google our work? Thanks to Professor Pepe, I have better learned how to make my blog more noticeable to the world and would love to share with you all on how you too can make your work more noticeable.

A really simple and easy place to start is with Google Keyword Planner. This free and easy to use tool tells you how relevant a keyword is by looking at average monthly searches, competition, and suggested bid. High competition means that your work is less likely to be seen if using this keyword because there are a lot of other websites using that same keyword. The suggested bid gives you an idea of what an advertiser would be willing to pay per click using that specific keyword. To show you what I mean, I did a search for the keyword “poetry” since this blog post is meant to be about writing poetry and the following keywords popped up in Google Keyword Planner…

Google Keyword Planner, Poetry

As you can see, Poem and Poems are great words for me to use as keywords. Since my blog is meant to inspire people, I also checked out the keyword “inspiration” and found the following results…

Inspiration, GoogleKeyword planner

Keywords with the most traffic have a high average monthly search score and a low competition score. Based off of this, when I searched for “poetry,” the best keyword to use would be “poem” and “poems” because they have a very high average monthly search score and low competition, meaning my page is more likely to be seen when using they keywords.

So where do you place these keywords in order to improve your chances of being seen? They should be placed in the URL, Title Tag, Header Tag, Content, alt text, anchor text.

URL: The URL is extremely important when it comes to using keywords. Currently my URL uses the word “poem” but could uses some additional keywords to help it be found. For example in this post, I have added the keywords “poem” and “poems” to help its ranking. You can see this if you look at the URL.  https://poemlatenight.wordpress.com/2019/02/20/59-seorankings-poem-poems/

Title Tag: As you can see, in my Title Tag I have included the words “poems” and “inspiration” because they are two of the best keywords for me to use.

Title Tag, Poems, Inspiration


Header Tag: This is another important spot to place your keywords. My targeted keyword “poem” should be in the header 1 tag.

Content: Your optimal keywords should be mentioned multiple times throughout your website. On average, they should make up 3-5% of your word count.

Alt Text: In order for search engines to pick them up, images need to be properly described and labeled using alt text. Keywords should be incorporated into the description when appropriate. For example look at the alt text used for the image of the google keyword planner search result for poetry.

alt text

Anchor Text: This allows you to link a keyword to another page of your own website or another website. This is great for improving relevance and navigability for visitors.

My Blog post improves SEO rankings by having a higher click through rate, a low bounce rate (number of users who enter a site but immediately exit), a short load time, good grammar and spelling, limited ad space (they are not in the way of my sites content), and finally content (it is original and new).

If you are interested in learning more about SEO Ranking check out this article.

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How Good Is Barns & Noble At Selling Your Poetry?

Image result for Barnes and noble store

It is all of our dreams to one day be published and read worldwide so that our words can bring inspiration and have meaning to others. But how well do big companies like Barnes & Noble actually sell our work through their websites? The main goal of any retail website is to increase revenue. But how do they do that?

Barnes & Noble receives quite a bit of direct traffic due to their popularity from people looking for books and good deals. On the off chance that someone is not familiar with this company, if one is to search “poetry books,” Barnes & Noble is the first website to pop up due to their great SEO unpaid search traffic. No paid adds pop up however, allowing for websites like Amazon to take business. Googling Barnes & Noble directly though will bring up the site first along with their social media accounts and many articles that act as paid and unpaid referrals.

When it comes to conversion, they are also very good at getting consumers to close the deal. Most of the time if a consumer is on the website, they are looking to buy a book anyway and Barnes & Noble does a great job of getting them to buy yours. Not only do they get them to buy your book, but they also do a good job of persuading the consumer to pay more to become a member by prompting them to sign up before they check out. Through the membership, Barnes & Noble can email them notifications about future possible transactions that could recommend more of your books.

When it comes to revenue maximization, Barnes & Noble is great at it. They are constantly prompting consumers with recommendations for other purchases and promo codes to have them “save money,” when really they are getting consumers to spend more. Masked by the idea that they are saving more, consumers end up spending more.

In today’s world, if we ever desire our poetry to be read, we have to be true to ourselves and write from our hearts. That alone will not suffice though because we need to be noticed. We need to be heard. Creating website and blogs that use keywords and tags that get our pages to come up for others to see is important. Understanding how companies like Barnes & Noble gets people to their website helps us get people to our work so that one day we too can be selling books on their website.

At the end of the day; “Don’t be afraid to shatter your limits and walk on glass” ~JmStorm

Always strive to be your truest self in your work, and always strive to be heard.

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~ Lu

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Ever wonder if there’s more out there? Whether you are sitting under the city lights of Boston on a warm summer night watching the water dance or cuddled up by the fire on top of a mountain in the dead of winter, there is always something to write about. Traveling to new places is a wonderful way of finding inspiration in the world around you, but sometimes everyday things can be the most amazing things to draw inspiration from. Think of how water races down the side of your windshield on a rainy day, helpless to the speed of the car. Think of how the leaves on the trees shake ever so slightly in the presence of the wind, yearning to float away with it. Snowflakes that seem to dance in the light, like they are at their own masquerade. Sometimes the adventure is right outside your front door.

The goal of this adventure we are about to commence with one another is to not only inspire you to think outside the normal and put depth into your writing, but to also help you on your journey of inspiring others through your work. It is difficult to walk the fine line of sincerity and preciousness in our work sometimes. Being caught up in precious moments and adding just a little too much sugar to our coffee really makes our work indistinguishable from other hopeless romantics and poets before us. In order to be a great writer, you have to actually feel what it is you write and be concrete and sincere with it. Do not sugar coat and exaggerate things, be rough and ruthless with your descriptions. Make your reader feel what it is you truly feel on the inside and not what it is you think they should feel towards the topic. Everyone knows the classic love tragedies and how it feels. Your job is to form a new take on the subject, make them feel your raw emotions or your controversial one. That is what makes you different from others.

An even better way of standing out in the crowd of poets is to write about something completely new. Everyone knows about love and loss, friendship and hatred. Write about an everyday thing and make it so alluring that the reader cannot help but be enticed by it. Talk of the dandelion growing beside your front step. Speak of the pebble that has existed thousands of years right outside your door. Whatever it is you choose to write about, make sure you do so with all your heart. Make sure you always stay true to yourself and the depth of feeling within you.

One of my favorite poets is Atticus. He is just an everyday man who became famous by turning his Instagram posts into books. There is a lot to learn from this man who is always doing his best to stay true to what it is he feels, including wearing a mask whenever at book signings. I highly recommend reading his poetry and reading about how he writes and feels which this article does exemplary well.

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